In Between Seasons Series Annoucement

9781477413685Changes In Store for Young Adult Author Cassandra Giovanni

There are a few things that I have been debating in the past month or so. I’ve stepped back and looked at who I am as an author and where I intend to go with my writing career. I plan on going very far, but as in all things, goals and dreams evolve; we naturally fall into our paths. In Between Seasons gave me the strength to put myself out there. I’m not sure what I thought would happen. I was so scared to jump in, and honestly, that fear spikes in me every time I think about publishing something else. The thing is, now I have fans–I have readers that count on me to continue to produce new and better creations. I was in between seasons when I wrote the novel. I was a bit lost as an author–trying to fit myself into a niche that maybe I just don’t fit into. In Between Seasons is a Young Adult novel, and so is Walking in the Shadows, but in all honesty, I’ve been told more than once that my characters are older by years because of the things I’ve put them through. This fits me perfectly; people pretty much have to pick their mouths up when I say I’m twenty-four. It’s interesting because at times I feel like I haven’t done enough. I really haven’t. I started writing before I knew what it was, yet it took me until I was twenty to fight the demons that came to me in high school to start writing again. It took me three more years, although I’d written six full-length novels by that time, to actually publish one of them. Now, looking back at everything that has occurred in the last year I’m ready to make some key announcements, and I hope my readers will understand and support me as I make these decisions. They will affect you guys. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you in any way with these announcements. When I began to write Deadly Sins, I knew it wasn’t Young Adult. Then I started to send my editor snippets, and when I started Just One Cup I sent her snippets of that, too. I remember reading her email that said she had nothing to say except that I’d found my niche. I needed to keep writing this. Thus, I have made the decision that once The Fall series is complete I will no longer be publishing Young Adult novels. I will devote my time to focusing on New Adult novels that better fit my writing style and time in life. This decision came on the tail of a reoccurring dream I had begun having where I was stuck in the bane of my existence–high school. What was worse was the fact that I was stuck in high school with very adult responsibilities and feelings (sound familiar, check out the description of Walking in the Shadows). It was agitating and then I started to see why I was having the dream. That was the way my characters felt–or more the way I felt writing them. As I came to this decision I also decided that I need to wrap everything up for my readers with the ending of The Fall. There were many requests for Hunter’s story. I’m going to give that to you. Thus, the second announcement is this:

The Fall Series

In Between Seasons, #1–Available now–Re-release Summer 2014

Permafrost, #2 (Mara and Rob’s Story)–Summer 2014

Name TBA, #3 (Hunter’s Story)–Winter 2014

No clue what book I’m talking about (but boy is that a pretty cover)? Well, you can get to know In Between Seasons for FREE now by downloading your copy from Kobo.

Download your FREE COPY here!

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2 thoughts on “In Between Seasons Series Annoucement

  1. I think its amazing that you have found your ‘direction’ and if that is NA fiction, rather than YA, then brilliant 🙂 . . .whatever you produce we know it will be great, and though I LOVED In Between Seasons I am just as excited for Just One Cup . . . see, I’m a versatile audience LOL!!

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