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In Between Seasons

One Year Old

one year anniversary

I came to the sudden realization the other day that today it has been one year–one whole year since I first published my first novel, In Between Seasons. The novel wasn’t ground breaking, but it was different. It didn’t make waves–I’ve only sold about 186 copies since that day, but it gave me the will to hit the ground running. I’ve learned so much in this past year, and so much has changed–oh, how I have changed, as a writer, and a business person.

  • I finally gave in and joined Facebook
  • I published two other novels
  • I was approached by a fellow author offering to be my mentor–I graciously accepted
  • I have an editor now
  • I realized that those icky publish yourself into print books are just that icky
  • I started a website
  • I started a blog
  • I started three weekly posts: Muse Monday; Work-In-Progress Wednesday; Sales Saturday (or Sunday)
  • I found Goodreads
  • I found LibraryThing and then decided to no longer use it
  • I did my first book signing and the only people that showed were my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, and my best friend
  • I did my first book expo, spoke on a panel, was told I was an inspiration by a successful, traditional published author, and sold one book…
  • I have fans–Oh.My.God. I have fans…
  • I’ve gotten fan mail…FAN MAIL!! And MORE than once!
  • I’ve met so MANY great people
  • I was in the newspaper three times
  • I figured out what a blog tour was
  • I opened up Gio Design Studios for business for cover designs, formatting and advertisements for other authors
  • I decided, with the help of my readers, that In Between Seasons would be a series
  • I decided, and this may be news to many of you, that the last book in The Fall series will be my last Young Adult Novel.
  • The Fall is planned to be a 3 book series: Permafrost–Mara and Rob’s Story; Name TBA–Hunter’s Story
  • When Permafrost is released, a new, thoroughly edited version of In Between Seasons will be re-released
  • I realized that I did so many things wrong when I published In Between Seasons:
  1. I took too much advice from a person I’d never met or spoken too–a book
  2. I only knew what Kindle was
  3. I didn’t market the book pre-publication
  4. I just put it out there with no preparation such as blog tours, press releases, cover reveals…nothing at all
  5. I got really mad at my first bad review…and I let it eat me up
  6. I didn’t have an editor
  7. I hadn’t already established a presence as an author
  8. A lot more I can’t think of right now…

What I did right? I worked my butt off figuring out what I could do better. I didn’t give up and most of all I did it–a year ago I clicked the “Publish” button.

Let’s Celebrate!

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