Featuring: Maggie Thom

I had the wonderful chance to meet Maggie over the internet on Goodreads. She’s a great author who is open to handing other authors a hand, which is always appreciated! Maggie and I had something in common, besides writing of course, and that was that this past Tuesday was a big day for both of us! I released my cover for my newest novel, while she released her newest novel, Tainted Waters. I thought there was no better way to celebrate than to feature her on my blog! Without further ado, meet Maggie Thom, author of novels that roll suspense, murder, mystery and romance all into one!

AuthorMaggie Thom made the hard decision to leave her successful, twenty year career in management, to write full-time. The leap was easy, the free fall was adventurous and very enlightening. When she’s not running her children around or spending time with her best friend, her husband, she’s writing – anywhere, anytime. Give her five free minutes and you’ll find her busy scribbling down ideas. She lives in the real world but loves to get lost in the lives of her characters – who live, love and laugh, and who are all figments of her imagination. A member of the WGA (Writer’s Guild of Alberta), she is thrilled to release her first novel – Captured Lies – filled with suspense, murder, mystery and romance – available October 2012. She is busy writing her second novel – (title coming soon) – to be released, spring of 2013.

Tainted Waters

Available Now!

He didn’t commit suicide but who’s going to believe her…

Frustrated at being fired from her latest job and overwhelmed by her consolatory family, Sam decides to move to the family’s cabin at the lake. A place she hasn’t been since her dad committed suicide there twenty years before. Or did he? Snooping is something she’s good at but someone seems to be taking offence to her looking too closely at what has been happening at the lake. What she discovers is shocking. Now she must uncover what’s real and what’s not. All that she learned growing up, may be false. Keegan who has recently moved to the area to finish his latest book is also trying to find out if his grandfather, who’d passed away ten years before, died of natural causes or was murdered? The descendants of the four families who own the land around the lagoon are dying off. Since Sam and Keegan are the only ones questioning the deaths, they find themselves working together to seek the truth. Are people being murdered? Who would benefit from their deaths? Why would there be barricades and armed guards at the north end of the lake? To stay alive, Sam and Keegan must find the answers and convince others, before more people are killed… including them.

CG: You have quite the gripping synopsis for your novel! It mentions two main characters, Sam and Keegan. Whose point of view is the novel written from?

MT: The book is written actually from both of their point of views. Sam is really the main character but Keegan plays prominent role as well. There are also other people who share bits of their stories as well. 

CG: I have such respect for authors who write in multiple point of views. It’s not something that I enjoy! With the challenges of writing multiple points of view why did you choose to do so?

MT: First, I wanted this to be Sam’s story about all that she’s gone through and a journey through figuring out her life but I also wanted there to be another person who was also searching for answers, so they have to choose to work together or against each other. I wanted there to be a lot of action, a lot of questions as to who was doing what and why they were doing it and a romantic connection.

CG: You caught my attention with the mention of romance amidst all that other action! Is it a major part of the story?

MT:The romance isn’t what drives the story but it is part of their journey.

CG: The tough question, who is your favorite character from the novel?

MT: Great question, but I’m not sure how to answer it. I feel like I’m cheating by only choosing one. I guess I’d have to say Sam though because I think some of us have thought about what we’d do if we ever got fired. Well Sam does get fired and she gets back at her boss in an interesting way. I also like her because she brought up some very interesting reactions from my beta readers.

CG: You mention a few things about Sam’s experiences in the novel that make her your favorite, what inspired those moments, along with the rest of the novel?

MT: A number of things. I’ve always found it interesting that people by a cottage by the lake and go religiously every weekend to it throughout the summer. I can’t keep one house clean I can’t imagine two. 🙂 Also one summer we went camping at a lake that turned out to be more like a slough with a big industrial plant nearby. So it was quite secluded, hardly any people (thanks to the noise of the plant I’m sure) and there were big trucks driving up and down the road all day and all night. So it got me to thinking… what if?

CG: Ah, yes the ‘what ifs’ are great inspiration. This novel seems to have many layers to it, so how long did it take you to write it?

MT:The actual writing of Tainted Waters only took about two months but it took me about six months to finish writing it.

CG: So the novel is done! You’ve edited, and you are ready to publish. I noticed that you are published by a company called Quadessence Solutions, who are they and how did you find them?

MT: Quadessence Solutions is me. I am selfpublished, so I just walked down the hallway and into my office and published myself. 🙂 Just kidding. In the beginning I thought I had to have a name to publish under, so I created Quadessence Solutions. Needless to say I’ve learned differently now but continue to publish under that name. I had a bit of a steep learning curve at the beginning. Well still actually.

CG: Self-published or not, being published is quite the challenge. What is your biggest struggle?

MT: Time management – the writing, the publishing, the marketing, a life. Before self publishing I never had a problem with finding 5 minutes to write but now if I have 5 free minutes I don’t want to do anything but curl up with a good book. 🙂 I also really try to keep the writing, publishing and marketing to certain hours so that I have time for my family.

CG: Marketing is a large part of being a published author and one of the first ways to market your novel is with the cover– after all, people do judge a book by its cover. Who designed your cover and where did the idea come from?


MT:Digital Donna created the cover for Tainted Waters and for my first novel, Captured Lies. It was pure fluke I found her but I am very grateful. She is very talented. I wrote a synopsis and she took ideas from it and started designing the book cover. She then sent it to me and I was able to say what I liked and didn’t like. It worked really well as it helped me to know what I wanted on the cover. I knew what I wanted for Sam so I went and found the picture of the woman and asked if Donna could make it work. And she did. So it was a combined effort of what was in it but she did all the creating. To be honest I am amazed at what pictures she started with and what she turned them into. She did a fabulous job.

CG: You mentioned that you went out and found a picture of what you imagined Sam to look like. Do you think that the woman on the cover does her justice?

MT: I think for the most part, yeah. I wanted it to be a woman who was curious, willing to snoop around and figure things out, a bit fearless and I wanted her to be a redhead. The bonus was the wet hair look as Sam does end up going for an unexpected but life saving swim in the lake.

CG: It’s great that the cover worked out so well! I haven’t read your book yet, but you sure have caught my attention. Why should we pick up your book?

MT: If you like fast paced, intriguing plots, with a strong female main character that will take you on journey through murder, lies, family saga, mystery, black market, drugs, romance… then this is the book for you.

I don’t know about you, but Maggie has me sold. If she’s got you hooked in then you can pick up the e-book of her novel at:

Amazon ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords



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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me and Tainted Waters today Cassandra. Love it. And I really appreciate it. 🙂

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