Just One Cup Updates/Giveaway

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There is a Goodreads Giveaway for 2 Signed Copies (US ONLY) of Just One Cup…

and the updates:

04/24 page 79 26.0% “Angry bird band-aids. I do have a sense of humor…Deleting grammar errors, I smoothed out transitions for the chapters and deleted some repetitive parts…
“I’ve had a bad influence on you,” he commented as he got out of the car. “I’m afraid I’m going to have an even worse one than a few tattoos…and angry birds.”
“Stop teasing my birds!” I retorted holding up the middle one.”
04/30 page 97 32.0% “I haven’t been doing much deleting. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or not. I’m smiling to myself as I read.I love the relationship that I’ve created for these two! I’m trying to delete all those nasty LYs
The only issue was the fact that I was thinking about smothering him in the hot syrup. I gave him a weak smile and closed my eyes as I tried to wash the image away. Now I was the one who needed a cold shower.” 2 comments
04/30 page 111 37.0% “He tilted my chin up with his index finger. “Will some of your dreams be coming true?”
I put my forehead against his. “They already did the first time you kissed me—the first time you sang to me—everything else is just fluff benefits.””
04/30 page 118 39.0% “”The media is going to have a field day trying to find out who you are,” he replied. His strong arms pulled my body tighter to his as my kiss trailed up to his ear lobe.
“Let them try,” I whispered.
A shiver ran through his body and he used his hand to tilt my chin so that my lips were on his again.
“Let them try,” he repeated.
Stopping on Chapter 11 tonight…head hurts!”

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