WIP Wednesday: Just One Cup


I heard the ringtone of Evan singing and fumbled for my phone, but when I looked down his picture wasn’t on the screen; in fact the screen was black. I was going insane, and I could still hear the music playing. I slipped past the blockade and there he was playing a worn acoustic guitar as he sat on a stool framed by the backdrop of the ocean. I froze as he looked up with a smile before sliding the guitar behind his back and standing. He had stopped singing, and despite the noise behind us all I could hear was the sound of the waves as they crashed over the wood of the pier. My body seemed to catch up before my brain, and I found myself running into his arms. I closed my eyes at the scent of his cologne as he swung me around before placing me on the ground. His hands tangled through my wind tossed hair as he tilted my lips to his own.

“I wasn’t dreaming,” he said as he pulled away from me, “you really do exist.”



2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Just One Cup

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