Muse Monday: The Man in the Tie

tie bw

guitar bw

Thank you to my husband for being my muse–for dealing with my constant book talk, or not talking at all because I’m thinking about writing, for dealing with my constant need to photograph something–including him even though he hates it, for loving me unconditionally, accepting me for my faults and making me a better person each and everyday I spend with him. My father asked me where I get the inspiration for my character’s deep relationships–the answer is simple¬†the man in the tie.


2 thoughts on “Muse Monday: The Man in the Tie

  1. As a 24-years married husband of a jewelry-maker wife who is amazing, I say “Hear-Hear!” That is the essence of great relationships, where both spouses support each other in their endeavours and work as a team. May you have a lifetime of mutual success and inspiration.

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