Teaser & Calling ALL Bloggers!

pick my heartAdam handed me a worn baby blue pick. I knew it was the one from the Boston concert, and the one that he had taught me how to play guitar with, but now it dangled from a delicate silver chain and was coated with something to protect its patina.

I ran my fingers over it and looked up at him.

“For so long my music has been my heart,” he explained as he flipped the pick over in my palm to reveal a heart drawn in sharpie. I smiled at it’s awkward shape knowing that he had drawn it himself as he continued, “but now it’s you–you’re my heart.”

I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek into Just One Cup…Now, I need your help. I’m looking to get as many bloggers as possible to participate in the cover reveal for the novel on April 30th, 2013. Yes, I know it’s less than a month away! The cover reveal will also include the long awaited for release date, a teaser to wet your pallets and best of all for the bloggers who participate an ARC e-book copy of the novel!

Want in? Leave a comment here so that I can email you! Please DON’T forget to tell all your friends!


10 thoughts on “Teaser & Calling ALL Bloggers!

  1. I already commented via Facebook. I’m excited about participating. E-mail me whenever you’re ready! 😀 I have a blog friend who loves to do cover releases. I’ll let her know about it.

    • Thanks, Liza! I have you down on my list–I didn’t realize it was you until I clicked on your blog, and then I had one of those epiphany style “OHHH!” and nodded my head. I’, excited to have you participate as well! 🙂 I hope to hear from your friend, too!

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