Meet the Ex

From WIP Just One Cup (New Adult Contemporary Romance):


I was starting to forget as we walked into the gym and headed up the bleachers to an area that would be ideal for the photography, but I could feel eyes on me. It wasn’t just the eyes of girls staring me down–it was more than that. My body froze.

“What’s wrong?” Adam asked, looking over the top of his sun glasses.

I knew the color had drained from my face and my muscles had suddenly become paralyzed. It was then as I tried to desperately push the demons away that I realized I couldn’t. I could feel them crawling out from the darkest recesses of my memories, their hunched backs and dripping claws began to poison my thoughts–the feelings returned, the ones I despised so much–the ones I’d allowed him to create. It was the desperation, the loss of hope and most of all the self-doubt that started to take over me as I felt his eyes burning into my back. I felt it, no knew, that I’d lost myself in the abyss of someone else’s tyranny again. When I looked over Adam’s shoulder Eric was standing on the gym floor, arms crossed, menacing smile planted on his face.

Adam’s eyes followed mine and his muscles tensed as they reached where mine were planted. “That’s not–“

“The ex? Yeah, that’s him,” I managed to choke out.



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