Muse: Gmail Circle Fearless Bloggers

I have a special Gmail Circle/Contact list on my email. It’s one that I’d like to share with you today. It’s the place where I put my FEARLESS BLOGGERS, the ones who have shown me support time and time again. See, as an author you have to realize who is going to help you, and one of the biggest helpers I’ve had is bloggers. Their blogs range in size from small to extremely large, but every single one of them has been willing to help a no name author to create a fan base. They opened me with open arms and gave me honest, constructive criticism. Now I just spent 30 minutes writing little things about all these blogs that I love so much, only to find when I hit publish that I had to log back in and I’d lost my whole entire post. Here’s the end game: These people are all awesome. Go to their blogs and follow them. They are amazing period.

Kylee–first fan

Lj –WTF reviews are amazing

A–gorgeous blog design

Tiffany–well thought out and written reviews


Krista–great set up

Breathe In Books

Kayla–Sit Down Sundays are awesome


Tracey–super supportive facebook helper

Megan–Amazing Blog Tour Host

Once Upon a Twilight

Faith–what an amazing person!

Martha–fearless leader of book clubs and amazing blogs!

Kerry-Ann–Blogs about all books big and small!

I’m sure I’ve missed some–so sorry! You’re all amazing! Thank you so very much!


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