Monday Muse: Rejection

Yes, I just said that rejection is a muse. Why? It makes me work that much harder. Tell me I can’t do something, I dare you, because then I will show you I can, and about 50x better than you ever thought was possible. It’s no secret I am a determined person, and it’s no secret I got quite a few rejection signs on my manuscripts–actually just on my query letters. I was never asked for a manuscript, and you know what? I am glad that I didn’t. I know that sounds strange, but I really like the direction my independent writing career has taken me. No, I don’t have people banging down my doors for movie rights (not yet at least), but I have taken my books in the directions I wanted them to go–that I never imagined they could go. I’ve learned who I am as a writer. I may not have gotten that if I had had an agent to support me, or to tell me what to do, or how to do what I am doing. I may not have met the amazing authors and friends that I have now. Rejection is the clearest showing of a shove in the right direction for me. It makes me more determined to be better. So I’ll work harder on making so-so, good; good, great; great, amazing; knock your socks off, movie rights waiting to happen.

So, tell me I can’t do it. Reject me. I dare you. I’m fine with it–I like to prove people wrong 😉


5 thoughts on “Monday Muse: Rejection

  1. Thanks for the link. You did a good job writing on this as well. Since I wrote that post it seems to have really touched a nerve. You are the third to link to it, and a writing group has contacted to include it in an upcoming newsletter. I will come back to read some more of your page as time permits. 🙂

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