Just One Cup…and I’ll find the strength to face my past…


just one cup addEric’s eyes looked up and instead of finding Adam, they found me. The look was supposed to send me groveling; to send me into the nightmare of my past when he used to look at me like that. It was supposed to put me in my place, make the threat disappear, but it didn’t–it gave me the strength to do what I should have done years before.  When I marched up to him and knelt down so that I was at eye level with him, he stayed put because his world was still spinning from Adam’s fist and the lack of air. He pressed his head against the brick, face slick with sweat, and eyes filled with that venom that used to immobilize me. Then I did it; I raised my hand and sent it across his face, leaving his face pulsating red.


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