Monday Muse: Furry Bundles of Joy


page 15


Monday Muse: Furry Bundles of Joy (or in Freckles’ case: Trouble)

Oh, yes, isn’t he adorable? That’s my brother and his girlfriend’s dog–Freckles. Who began his journey with the furry side of of our family (7 dogs total: my parent’s 4; My brother and girlfriends 1; Jeff and I’s 2) about a year ago when he wandered into the driveway bloodied, wet, freezing and chasing a turkey. From where he came? We don’t know; we tried to find his original family but weren’t able, so then he became a part of ours. This English Setter is full of energy, and thus, trouble and lots of it! When I began writing Skippy’s second story he had to be in it as the little pain in the bum that he is. He was one of my favorite character’s to draw because I think I really captured him in all his goofy, lanky, cuteness. So Freckle’s joined our pack and became one of my muses. He’s also a great photography muse–yes, I caught him mid jump! That was a great thing to discover I had actually caught while trying to learn the action feature of my new camera. Thanks Freckles!

Want to learn more about Skippy’s Adventures and the cute page from his book you see above? Check out his facebook page and then stop over to any of these retailers to purchase your copy:

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