Introducing: Just One Cup

My latest WIP…yes, I have so many I’ve lost track of them, but this one was because I needed a break from the hardcore seriousness of Deadly Sins. That book is intense and has a lot of building around two plots: a relationship and a virus. It’s dark and emotional and right now I needed a break from that. I had this idea milling around in my head to write something simple–short and sweet–a contemporary romance novella. So I started it and ended up with 5,000 words in two hours. I’m really enjoying concentrating only on romance and not a side plot as well–it’s all about the two characters. I’m thinking it will end up being right around 25,000 words. When will it be finished, I have no clue. We will see if I can keep on track on writing this one without getting thrown off by Deadly Sins. I know exactly where Deadly Sins is going–It’s hard to describe just needing a break from writing something so heavy. Just One Cup has some darker stuff in it too, but it’s more at base with this reality than one that was created by me. It’s something very real (not that my other novels aren’t) and down to earth. I’m hoping you will like it. It’s New Adult…here’s your Wednesday WIP quote:

just one cup


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