Sneaky, Sneaky: New Book Announced

Flippy Cover

Happy Birthday, Mom!

That’s right today is my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, king, caring, mother’s birthday! What do I give the most important woman in my life? I publish a book about her dog, written and illustrated by me! That’s right I can draw…or so my mom apparently thinks. This started out as a private gift to her. I knitted her a dragon and wrote and illustrated a children’s book for her. Then she loved it so much I did the same thing for this Christmas–except this time it was a frog.  Since the first book was created she has been bugging me non-stop to publish it. So for her birthday I did it and now I am here to share it with you. I’ve never written a children’s book but when I read it to my six year old sister-in-law she went bonkers for it. She pounced around the house singing “Skippy Von Flippy, Skippy Von Flippy”. I figured that was a sign that I should actually do it. After much sweat and cursing I figured out how to get it into paperback and after more cursing onto e-book.

The paperback is only available from Amazon for $7.99, but the e-book is available on Kindle, Nook and Kobo for only $.99.

Paperback ~~ Kindle ~~ Nook ~~ Kobo

Join the rough, tough, Skippy pup as he goes adventures and meets new friends. First, Skippy will learn that not everything appears as it seems when you meet new people and will make a new friend in the process. Then Skippy continues his rambunctious journey as a wonder dog and learns to share his toys with others and not place blame so quickly.


frog cover

Like Skippy? Show him some love on his Facebook page HERE!

Speaking of Facebook, you see that over there on the right hand side of the page? Yes! It says I have an author page on Facebook! Is it worth while? Will it increase sales? We shall see, in the mean time I’d be thrilled if you liked it!


4 thoughts on “Sneaky, Sneaky: New Book Announced

  1. That’s so awesome Cassandra! I couldn’t draw half as good as you can, I’ll have to look into it for my nephew!! (: I shared your Facebook page and I’m trying to get a few close blogger friends to also! (: ❤

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