Monday Muse: The Lion King

I’ve decided that although music is one of my greatest muses that I want to share with you the other things that inspire me. Thus, Music Muse Monday is being changed to Monday Muse.

For the first converted Music Muse I decided to share with you a movie: The Lion King. I am a fan of all Disney movies in fact, especially their classical cartoons. They just don’t make them like this anymore! I’ve always loved The Lion King. It’s a great coming of age story where the protagonist learns about himself and standing up for what he believes in. It also has a little bit of love thrown in there and the songs, oh, the songs! You can watch the movie once and suddenly find yourself singing  acunamatata years later–I mean years later! When my husband’s sister was around 1 or 2 I used to lay on her back and I would play with her feet and sing it. She loved it and the craziest thing happened the other day: She’s now six and she remembers it! She sat in my lap and said to me “I remember when you used to sing acunamatata and play with my feet.”. I was in shock to say the least, but The Lion King is that special. When Jeff and I have our kids I am sure I will do the same thing with them, and maybe his sister will, too! The Lion King sends a strong emotional message while still carrying the light-hearted Disney theme to it. The great thing about Disney is the fact that they make their shows tolerable, or even I dare say, enjoyable for adults and parents. There’s certain things that just aren’t like…Teletubbies. Oh, man, teletubbies! At any rate I found myself watching it last week and I really enjoyed it. It left you with a feeling of hope and it was heart-warming to see the characters grow. This is what I like to do as an author so watching movies that do it are certainly inspiring.


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