The Mind of a Serial Killer

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Guest Post: The Mind of a Serial Killer (from Pika Pages)

Today we are going to be interviewing the serial killer from Walking in the Shadows. This has to be one of the creepiest things I have ever written, but in order to understand characters we have to get into their heads at least a little bit. It makes me wonder how Steven King ever sleeps…

Q: When did your obsession with vampires begin?
A: A better question would be when did my obsession with blood begin? I couldn’t tell you to be truthful. I’ve always been fascinated with blood; it’s never been creepy to me. I’ve always loved the smell, the feeling of it dripping down my skin…
(Interviewer cringes and moves chair further away) Q: So, besides blood you obviously do have a passion for vampires?
A: Of course, I mean who wouldn’t?  Living forever and having power that surpasses everything on the face of the planet, plus new vampires have better chances than the ones in the old tales. They can walk among the living and in the sun and do as they please. Being a human is so mundane compared to that.
Q: Did your obsession begin with the Crimson Reign or have you always enjoyed vampires?
A: I’ve always enjoyed them but Cassandra Leigh certainly put a new spin on it that I couldn’t deny. I mean have you read the novels? If you haven’t you should.
Q: What has to crack inside someone’s skull to make them take the step from avid reader to killer?
A: (Rolls eyes) Nothing cracked inside of me. I just gained the confidence to take the steps needed to assert my control. I wanted to feel that fear—to feed off of it.
Q: So you actually enjoy the taste of blood?
A: Yes, of course. That’s part of the fun isn’t it?
Q: Why did you choose the Martins?
A: I didn’t choose them, they kind of where handed to me. They weren’t as much fun to kill as the others, though. The drugs really knocked them out.
Q: Why did you stop your rampages after a few months?
A: Oh, well. I kind of got bored and my followers got a bit freaked out by all the media coverage. We stopped for a bit, but when the other movies released I couldn’t really resist. It made me want that power again, so I went after my passion.
Q: Is there really no pattern to the people you choose to kill?
A: Have you ever met a killer who didn’t form some sort of pattern?
Q: (Shakes head and swallows) Do you ever feel guilty?
A: Really, you’re going to ask that? (Laughs)
Q: So, you have absolutely no soul?
A: (Leans forward with a smile) Vampires don’t have souls.
Q: Aren’t you afraid you are going to get caught?
A: I’m smart. They don’t think there’s a pattern, so how pray tell, are they going to figure out who I am? Plus, I play out in the open. You would think it would be obvious, but then hiding in plain view is always a good idea.
Q: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. (Gets up and hurries towards the door.)
A: Thank you (Licks lips), sleep with one eye open.


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4 thoughts on “The Mind of a Serial Killer

    • I don’t really do too much research when I write something–I try to just go off of how I feel. I do, however, have an interest in serial killers so I have watched shows on them and done some sleuthing on the internet, but it was never for the purpose of this particular novel.

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