2012 The Beginning of The Fall

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I didn’t know what caused the government to collapse or why things were the way they were, and when I met Hunter he knew little more. When it started we were too young to see why, and when we were old enough we were too indoctrinated in fear to care. This is the toll of following a leader blindly—you openly accept that some things just are. Then the lies drown the truth, and you are left with little understanding of why. In the end it doesn’t matter.  Surviving the downfall is all that matters.

2012 marks the beginning of The Fall, a recession that is far closer to a depression is wreaking havoc on the US, and no one seems to be able to agree on anything. Fast forward to 2016, it’s over, The Fall is complete. There’s nothing left to the US government and the dooms day preppers are bathing in the glory that they were right, and they were prepared. These preppers have divided into factions called Tribes, led by a Chief who assigns Generals to train the soldiers to fight the dirty battles to keep what they’ve pillaged. These soldiers are ranked as Trackers, who track and obtain information, but are never supposed to be seen and Hunters, glorified Trackers who have gained the right to kill enemies just by surviving their missions. While all of this is going on a child is sheltered from the truth and trained to be a heartless killer, a robot of a General and another child is sheltered from it all and told that nothing is going on. The woods give both of the children solace–the children of the those that believe they are the two strongest men in this corrupted world. Fast forward to 2031: What happens when their worlds collide as adults, already molded by hate and fear, and one sent to kill the other? They will find the truth in the most unlikely of places–inside themselves and each other.

In Between Seasons is the first novel in the post-apocalyptic romance series, The Fall. Join Kate and Hunter as they fumble through a world they don’t understand, hunger for the truths that they hunger for and in the end discover that none of it matters as long as you survive.

For the truths that were well hidden away from Hunter and Kate, follow this blog to get updates on the second novel in the series, Permafrost: Mara and Rob’s Story release date TBA.

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