What if…Every Story Has Two Sides

ScarboroughScarborough by Ellen L. Ekstrom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ellen Ekstrom has done it again. She’s woven a rich tapestry of elegant descriptions. It’s pretty well known if you look at any of my reviews that I find many descriptions tedious, but that is not so with the writing found in this novel, nor the first novel in the series. The description is added in the right places to add a richness to the book, yet doesn’t make the reader feel as though they aren’t allowed to use their imagination. The characters, ah, yes. I fell in love with Quinn in Tallis, but here I really got to know him. Oh, Quinn you make me want to slap you…you’re so damaged and wonderful all at once. I was ill at the point I felt this and even though I felt like my dinner was going to make another appearance I kept reading, entranced. We saw Alice here, but in a different light. We got to see how Quinn felt as he hurt her and we began to understand what really happened. I felt the realization of why Quinn was the way he was with Alice at the same time he felt it. I really felt a connection with him, as if he were a friend that I was watching by hitting the “repeat” button. I felt even better about the whole story because where I loved Tallis and the writing; I can truly say it confused me. Scarborough cleared everything up for me, and I can’t wait to read the next novels in the series. To wrap up, the novel had the ending that I had been waiting for. I wanted to understand how Alice and Quinn ended up together and I did. Their live together is like a patchwork quilt made of t-shirts, ruined, beaten, yet still beautiful, soft and comforting all at once. I hate similes but in this case I am fine with one, as there really isn’t much else of a way to describe it, although, I’m sure Ekstrom could, and very elegantly as always–even if it’s brutal.

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