Walking in the Shadows Christmas Party

Earlier this month, in the holiday spirit, I answered some questions about what would happen at the holiday party for my WIP, Let the Fates Decide. Sorry, my current WIP is not the feature of this–it’s still a secret… 😉

What carol, even if you have to stretch a little, best describes your novel and why?

For Walking in the Shadows, I think it would be I’ll be Home For Christmas. The song is a bit sad, and I think it’s what Tad would have picked because he wanted to be with Vera, but couldn’t “only in his dreams”. I think it would be the same for Vera, she would be dreaming about the people she wanted to be there.

There’s a second part to the challenge: Imagine all your characters are attending a Christmas party (and they’re not allowed to kill each other). Answer the following questions:

1. Who’s the first to show up and who’s the first to leave? Why?
Jaz would be the first to arrive because she is the life of the party! The first to leave would be Vera because she can’t take anymore of staring at Tad across the room when she can’t be with him, plus Jaz is probably giving her a bit of a migraine.
2. Who’s the first to start a fight? Why?
I guess we can assume this is a chaperoned Christmas Party, or should I say dance because that is more likely at a high school. The first to start something would be Jennings because well, she always starts something. She isn’t very nice or straight in the head for that matter.
3. Who’s the first to get drunk? Why?
I hope no one gets loaded at the high school dance.
4. Who will enjoy the party most and who will loathe being there? Why?
I think Jaz would enjoy it the most because she is such a social butterfly. I’d think that Vera wouldn’t enjoy being there, but I think loathe is a strong word. She would enjoy herself for the most part, but there is always something getting in the way…like her super hot, 22-year old British Literature teacher…

Big enough challenge for you? You can either tell me in the comments below or create your own post. If you do a post, Call it My Novel Christmas Party, and pingback to this post so we can come read it.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell us which carol best describes your book and why as well as answer one or all of the questions. I want to know, so get on it!

Special thanks to the original poster and check out her answers here:


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