Introducing Deftones December!

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I am so excited that Deftones December is here! I came up with this idea a few weeks ago when I realized how much of a muse the band is to me, that along with Chino’s side project Team Sleep and the band Chiodos. I can pretty much write anything to them and this week I added the band Flaw to the list of ones that I keep coming back to. Deftones is what I am going to plug into my ears momentarily as I sit down to write. I’d like to also announce a slight change in schedule, Wednesday is normal reserved for WIP Wednesday, but my BRAND new work in progress that I began yesterday (writing 5,000 words in 3 hours) is going to remain a secret between my family and my mentor/editor. SO, instead the said Deleted December awesomeness that is scheduled to take place this month is going to be on Wednesday.

I know, you’re intrigued aren’t you? You say, wow that’s a writing bug, why can’t you tell us what it’s about?

It’s much more fun to torture you…muahaha.

NOW, onto the excitement for the day:

SONG: Around the Fur

ARTIST: Deftones

CD: Around the Fur

GENRE: Nu Metal, Alternative Rock, Experimental Metal


Hey vanity, this vials empty. And so are you.
Hey glamorous, this vials not God anymore, yeah.

Speak, I don’t get it.
Should I ignore the fashion or go by the book?
I don’t want it,
I just want your eyes fixated on me.
Coming back, oh,
Coming back Around the Fur.

Prostitute, climb back down through the floor.
Please don’t fuck around and die like this,
Cause I love her.

Speak, I don’t get it.
Should I ignore the fashion or go by the book?
I don’t want it,
I just want your eyes fixated on me.
Coming back, oh,
Coming back Around the Fur.

Speak, aw, that’s so sad you’re back
I don’t wanna get pissed off, but anyway
Come on, came so far, I’m here to stay
Just one more vagabond
Speak, you’re a liar, you’re lying
I don’t care about
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

ANALYSIS: This is one of my favorite songs, not my most favorite, but a top ten to be sure. Why? The first two lines of the song, and is it catchy or what? Deftones is an amazing band, and Around the Fur is an amazing CD (though, White Pony, in my opinion is the best!). The song opens with a strong riff, the symbols in the back intensify at all the right moments. Did I mention Chino has the best scream I’ve ever heard? What more is the man’s stage presence. He pulls you right into the music, makes you lose yourself in it. I can’t speak from up front experience, but it’s on my bucket list to see them. My husband has seen them several times himself. Now, Deftones is a bit dark, but if you want something lighter and just as musically talented then you should check out Team Sleep. Next week you will get to see my favorite Deftones song–that is if I can pick one…

And the spelling error in the banner is due to me copying and pasting the lyrics from a website that someone obviously didn’t know how to spell…Just saying.


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