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With Hurricane Sandy I was able to take some time off from daily life and read. It’s been awhile since I could do that. So, today I have two reviews to share with you from my Hurricane Sandy reads. Then I’m off to study for my life insurance exam, and do my marketing lecture…and YES, tomorrow the blog tour starts! SO excited!

First, Mere Enchantment, which is one of the first middle grade novels I’ve ever read, and I recommend it for those looking for a book in that genre. I was lucky enough to win this novel as a part of a reading club discussion, and the other great part was the fact that the author was a part of the discussion. It was great to touch base with another writer, and to hear how she created the novel!

Mere EnchantmentMere Enchantment by Alicia Rivoli

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars
Where to begin? Honestly, I did not believe that I would finish the book. The writing is great first off, but it’s very technical. For me this caused the dialogue to feel choppy. The description was very intricate and detailed down to every piece of food the characters consumed. This was a bit much for me, and I found myself skimming many parts. The reason I didn’t feel I would finish was because of the slow start and high levels of description. The storyline is great, and I really enjoyed the ending. As I got deeper into the book I was able to become accustomed to the flow and detail level, but I also noticed that the character’s maturity didn’t match their ages– especially once they reached Mere. One thing that struck me was the third POV, why? I normally hate it and here I didn’t. It flowed well in this form and allowed for two stories to be made into one. I loved the budding romance between Megan and Zachi. At first when I started feeling it, it was creepy. However, as you grow to see that he was her guardian, you understand. I’m also hoping that Chloe and Preston can be together, although their insta-love was a bit unrealistic to me. I can understand the instant attraction, but saying “deeply in love” after what accumulates to a few hours? The title is very fitting– the story is enchanting, and the ending made it so I know I will come back for more. This is more middle grade than young adult, and I can see a young boy really enjoying this.

Next, was a novel that I received on one of it’s KDP free days. I’m going to be honest, I wanted the book because I liked the cover and the title. As I read it, it really felt very much like Twilight. There were even some areas where it mirrored it almost exactly. I was glad at the end that I didn’t pay anything for it, for free it was quite fine.

Brightest Kind of Darkness (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #1)Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T. Michelle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book floated between two and three stars for me. The description and the cover were interesting, but in the end it fell short for me. I enjoyed the characters enough and could feel for both of the MCs. The book felt choppy to me because of many *** in each chapter. There was also the stop me in my track similes. It started with the very first line in the book. At that point I almost stopped reading, but decided to give it a chance. At first the pace was good. You are dumped right into the story, which is something I enjoy. However, half way through I realized that nothing really happened, and at the end even though she met fate, it still felt like nothing had happened. It didn’t seem to me that anything had been resolved. The writing was easy to read, but the similes! Here are a few that stuck out to me:
” I was the less filings to his magnetic inner strength.”
“The day moved like sap trickling down a tree…”
“…Resembling a chicken on crack…”
” Warmth flowed like melted chocolate sliding through my veins”

I’m sure some loved these, but for me they created the stop reading and raise an eyebrow effect. This did contribute to the 3 star rating. Will I read the next one? I hear that a love triangle develops, which reminds me of the Twilighty feel of this novel. At one point I thought it was possibly fan fiction, so the addition of a love triangle has me thinking, no I will not pick the next up. If you are a Twilight fan this will be a good read.

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