Signing Postponed

Yes, the feeling of having power is very good! We just got our power back on from Monday, yesterday. We just got cable and internet a few hours ago! Unfortunately, others in the state of CT have not been so lucky, and our thoughts are with them. One of those effected by Hurricane Sandy was the wonderful indie bookstore that my signing was scheduled for this Saturday, Bank Square Books. Due to this the release signing for Walking in the Shadows has been postponed until the store is functioning again. Now, this isn’t to say you can’t snatch up a signed copy for yourself. You can get a signed copy from my Etsy store, and I will gladly dedicate it to whomever you wish. Currently, shipping to the US for the signed novel is $2.50, well, in honor of my upcoming blog tour, my wonderful fans, and the fact that there will not be a signing, there is a FREE shipping code to US residents. To snatch up your signed copy for $12.99 (MSRP: $14.99) with FREE shipping just enter ReleaseFREE at checkout!

I did mention the blog tour. Here’s the schedule:

Review @

Review @

Review @

Interview & Giveaway @

The Giveaways are going to be pretty awesome, so please stop by each blog!:

1 ebook, key chain and bookmark

1 ebook, necklace and key chain

1 ebook, necklace and signed photographic print

1 ebook, promotional flyer, rack card, photographic print (all signed)

Available to UK, USA, CANADA

What else is coming up?

I am currently working with the high school I graduated from, NFA, to set up a signing in their library as well as meeting with classrooms. If you are a teacher in the CT area, please feel free to contact me if you would like me to meet with your students as well. I enjoy showing my love of writing and sharing that with hard work (very hard work), you can be a published author.


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