Oh, pretty…

I’m a girlie girl–that’s really not a secret. My husband has very good taste in buying my jewelry, but sometimes, making it is just as satisfying. I have to say making it as book swag is even better! I let my girlie girlness and my creative spark combine to make these necklaces. These will be prizes for the upcoming blog tour, and will be available at my book signings for a small fee. I have started an etsy store where I will sell the book swag. As these necklaces are all handmade, each one is unique! They are each comprised of a saying from the book, a Czech glass heart and a bi-cone swarovski crystal on a ribbon. You can get yours for $8.00 and FREE shipping to the US and minimal shipping to other countries! These ship to US, CA and UK!

What do you think?

Order yours: HERE

You may be wondering where the lampwork necklaces that I posted my mother and I making are. Well, they are still being worked on, but these will be on sale in the Etsy shop shortly as well!


What else did I do?

Bookmarks for In Between Seasons!

What do you think?


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