Beautiful Photography for the Beautiful Blogger Award

This morning I was greeted by a lovely message from Sonya Loveday that nominated me for the beautiful blogger award. I have received this award once before, but it was awesome to get it again. Now, for this award you mention the person who gave it to you, list seven fun things about you and nominate 15 other beautiful bloggers. Here’s the thing, I am overwhelmed right now, and I am not afraid to admit it. I have 13 days until Walking in the Shadows is released, and I am working my hardest to get everything together for the blog tour and the release signing. In between press releases, making advertisements, interviews and guest posts I have a ton of other stuff going on. Next week I have to go to training for my licensing exams for life insurance. Oh, and today I got word my college finally sent my finals, and I have to take them extremely quickly. Guess when??? HALLOWEEN. The RELEASE date. So, I also have to pound out a three hour exam for Nutrition, Anatomy, and HIM Ethics before coming home and plopping down to do some marketing and internet spreading…So, what I mean to say is: I don’t have the concentration to nominate 15, but I think ALL of you are amazing bloggers and have beautiful blogs, so consider yourself nominated! To go with the 7 fun facts I am also including some of my beautiful (I hope) photography from Canibeat’s First Class Fitment 2012 in Princeton, NJ last weekend.


1. I always wanted to be a ghost hunter, and I was told today that I look like the new girl TAPS just hired. My twin is living one of my past dreams.

2. I am a complete klutz; when I was a child I was nicknamed “Crasher” because of my tendency to run into things. I still do, yet I can dance, figure skate, and ride horses without a problem…mhmm.

3. In my house we have a rabbit, two cats, and two dogs.

4. The first thing I painted was an Iris for Christmas for my Dad in 2008. I sat down in front of the TV and just decided to paint. It came out pretty awesome, and I have been selling my art since.

5. I can paint flowers, that look real, but pretty much anything else–not at all.

6. My favorite color is pink.

7. I have an unnatural obsession with penguins. They make me squeal…a lot.

Onto the photographs!

This is my personal favorite!


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