Not as tasty as M&M’s…but it’s MM on M

There could have been a very terrible snafu in today’s MM on M because my iPhone all of a sudden was a static conductor instead of a music player. I yelled at my husband because “you’re the self-proclaimed iPhone God” to fix it and he told me to shut the thing off and turn it back on. I hate it when I freak out, and then he’s right. The wonders of being married to an iPhone God.

Anyways, now that that is adjusted I have put on what I have been listening to this week as I edit Walking in the Shadows. I know some of you are anxiously waiting your ARC of this, and I promise it will be done shortly. I am just trying to ensure you get the best product possible. That’s one of the huge differences between In Between Seasons and Walking, there is a huge amount of editorial work that has gone into fine tuning this one. As an author I highly recommend that you find someone with knowledge and experience that can be a sounding board for your work. The person also needs to be your harshest critic in an honest and constructive way. I have this for Walking, so I hope the product will be even more fine-tuned. I also had another author critique it as well, and I loved her honesty. I can make it a better book because of it, then I am going to go to work re-vamping In Between Seasons for a relaunch in January 2013. AND then I can continue to work on my newest book, and go back to The Sight Trilogy.

So, to the music. Milosh radio is must less lyrical and much more instrumental. At the moment it’s playing a dubstep song that is kick-butt as a cruising song for my husband and I going to car shows like Dubs on Defrost, which means we will be cruising to it when we got to First Class Fitment next week! Yes, so excited for sick cars! BUT it is so not a writing or editing song, unless you are writing something space-agey, which I don’t. Alright, skip button:

SONG: You Fill Me

ARTIST: Milosh

GENRE: Experimental/Electronic


  • electronica roots
  • rock influences
  • headnodic beats
  • unsyncopated ensemble rhythms


Well, simply put Milosh is minimalist in his use of lyrics in his songs, this song is one with lyrics. I have to say that although I have an ear for understanding screaming music, sometimes I just can’t understand his lyrics. They are usually tonal and flow with the song, but often read more like poetry than song lyrics. Here are the lyrics:

The way I feel
I love the way I feel
I love the way I feel

you’re bursting up inside me
pushing through my skin
explosions parade across my skin
like soldiers when I hear your voice
what are you doing to me
I want you to fill me
I wanna fill you
tasting touch of your skin

I love the way I feel

your man should know there’s a shadow
growing tall behind you
as his sun goes down
I love the way I feel

I hear you coming with every breath
it feels so right that’s why I’m pressing you
I love the way I feel with you
I love the way I feel


When my husband and I first started dating he was working on his music project In Between Seasons. If you have listened to any of my book trailers than you have had a taste of this style, which is electronica in it’s roots. My husband is the person that got me into listening to Milosh. It’s a perfect de-stresser music–my go to when I am lightly stressed (when I am heavily stressed I listen to things like August Burns Red–it just pounds the stress right out of me). It’s also good music when I don’t want to be distracted by too many lyrics and I need something as background noise, but not necessarily as inspiration. This music channel does sometimes seem to get to be mono-tone to me, so very often it tunes right out, or I get bored and have to change it…like now. Milosh is a great musician and I highly recommend his CD Meme. It’s also great music if you have someone in your car that you don’t know their music tastes, or like when I have my mom in the car. I pop this one in, but only if I don’t have some Sting or Beatles. Sting…that sounds good right now…


I promise I will be posting more meaningful postings on marketing, selling, commas, insta-love and the like very shortly–once my brain isn’t melded in Walking…until then I hope you enjoyed this break from reality!

Oh, and I kicked Monday’s butt today:

I sold my first copy of my book in a bookstore–it only took 1 1/2 days! I also got word that the bookstore would be happy to do a launch-signing on November 3rd for Walking!


5 thoughts on “Not as tasty as M&M’s…but it’s MM on M

  1. Now I’m crazving a mixture of indie rock music and M&Ms. I don’t think I’ve heard of Milosh, but now I feel like I should introduce my music player to it. (I don’t have the patience for something as advanced as an iPhone, and I’m not married to an iPod God, unfortunately!)
    Woo! That’s great! Congrats on kicking Monday’s butt. I know it can be a hard thing to do. 😉

    • You should check out Milosh–it’s worth it! He’s a very talented artist in so many ways, and I really admire his poetic prowess both with words and music notes.
      I’m glad I finally kicked Monday’s butt–no doubt inspired by your Monday butt kicking!

  2. Interesting. Reminds me a little of Gotye, with a little Tori Amos thrown in for good measure. By the way, getting your books in a bookstore is an accomplishment, especially since there are fewer and fewer of them around anymore.

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