A swag day…

So, a few really cool things happened today:

I got my shirt in (finally! It took about 2.5 weeks to come in, which I think is a bit of a long time. I’m not sure if I am going to stick with red bubble if people start to be interested in purchasing them. I’m not sure if waiting that long for a t-shirt is reasonable?)

It did come with this really cute tag, and funny saying…hehe!

So, here’s the shirt. It’s an extra small, but it’s unisex, so it’s a bit big. I might not follow the instructions, and just try it on delicate!


I just got in my laminator to make awesome bookmarks, of course. (Whoot for Amazon rewards!)


I ordered the supplies to make this for book swag. We will use sayings from the novel, red ribbon for the necklace portion, and red glass heart beads instead of pink. The setting I ordered is a bit more ornate than this one as well. I am also going to do some with pictures underneath the glass. What do you think? Swaggish?

PS. I am really good at finding wholesale deals online, so this was all very affordable–amazingly so!


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