The improper balance…and when it catches up

First, my awesome blog tour button. Yes, it’s coming up soon, and I can’t wait to do my first blog tour hosted by Megan over at Reading Away the Days. Who by the way, is seriously awesome and nice. We are planning all sorts of awesome giveaways and book swag to go with the tour–it’s going to be awesome, and I hope you join us.

So, I have been taking notes for ideas for meaningful blog posts that add something to the world. I just looked in my notebook and saw this “The improper balance–writing, marketing, work, and having a life (not!)”. This seemed the perfect post for tonight, as I am the energizer bunny running on one battery (I told my boss this last week), but finally that last battery died, and yet I am still working. What. A. Surprise. NOT. I am a hard worker, so much so that I have run myself down. Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat–oh, it’s just post-nasal drip. I called my mom, who is an amazing APRN, who said, umm…love, you have a cold. Then it smacked me in the face Thursday I woke up, on my husband and I’s fourth anniversary and it felt like a mack truck had parked itself in my face. You guessed it, I still went to work, 10.75 hour day. I got home and curled up on the couch. Today, still sick, yet I felt I neglected my blog this week, so here I am…At any rate I had an interviewer ask me how I balance everything, and when she asked this I realized–I really am not balancing everything. What no one warned me about self-publishing is that there is a huge learning curve. It’s A LOT of work to do it right (am I doing it right? I am not sure–my sales tripled last month though!). I know it will be worth it, and I have to say thanks to my amazing husband for dealing with me living on the computer, and working all the time at either a normal job, or at my writing. He’s always been used to me writing a ton, but this marketing thing, he is not so used to. After feeling this run down, yesterday and Wednesday I was minimally online, and you know what–nothing bad happened! I didn’t sell anything, but I realize I can take a break if I need it. I just have to stop being so stubborn and realize when I need it! The thing about writers, or should I say me, is that I am ALWAYS thinking about writing, or something to do with writing. It runs in my veins. It’s just a part of who I am, so it’s hard for me to stop. and. breathe.

So, my advice to my driven novel writing friends–stop and breathe when you need it.

Message to my readers–I do have a sense of humor–or I think part of this was funny (maybe it wasn’t), and I love writing for you, so much that I forget to stop and breathe!

Tomorrow, more book swag work–wait, did I say I was going to stop and breathe–who needs air?


Do you like the blog tour button?  😀


4 thoughts on “The improper balance…and when it catches up

  1. Taking a break is an important lesson, one that many of us forget. Thanks for the reminder and congrats on the increased book sales last month! It seems that you really do have a mind for marketing.

  2. Keep it up! You will do great. There is nothing wrong with hard work! It’s what separates the men from the boys…? lol

    You’re on the brink, and that is the hardest place to be. Once you’re over the hill, it’s all a trained jog down from there. Sometimes you stumble, but as always, we pick ourselves back up and keep going!

    Looking forward to your release!

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