You did what??(Part 2)

What adventures in marketing and book swag did I have this week? My mother and I got our flame on and made some lamp-work beads to make into necklaces. Here are some pictures of the process. These lamp-work beads are made from high quality Italian merano glass. They are to support the release of my newest novel,Walking in the Shadows, and combine the romance from the novel (the heart), the angel influence of the cover (the wings), and the darkness of the novel (the choice of colors). Some lucky individuals will one in a giveaway, and the rest will be available in our Etsy store (soon to be up and running). Pardon the fuzzy pictures, as they were taken on my iPhone.

So, what do you think? Would you like the sport this book swag to support Walking?

This is what happens when you add oxygen to the mix…GIANT FLAMES!

The funky glasses that I am wearing make it so I don’t see the bright orange flame that you see in this photograph. It makes it so I only see the melting glass and a light blue flame. It makes it far easier to shape and melt the glass.

You get the flame under control, and then you take a metal rod dipped in clay (so the glass releases from the rod easily) and then melt the glass onto it. Here my mother is adding “bumps” to the sides of the glass to create the heart shape.

You spin the hot glass until the bumps shape smoothly, then you use various tools to shape it more. It’s important to heat the glass evenly, so that it does not crack. The heart is red because of the intensity of the heat here. This glass is actually black glass. All glass will appear black when it is being heated, no matter the color.

Here you can really see how the red glass turns black in the flame. Here we are adding the wings.

Finishing the wings.

Here we are working with the clear glass, and this causes it to look like the whole rod is on fire, yet it is just a reflection.

The results!


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