MM on M–Kate’s iTouch Edition

It’s Monday again! I know crazy, right? Last Monday seems like it was ages ago, but then again it seems like it was yesterday! I decided that today’s Music Musings on Monday would be the Kate edition, we are going to delve into Kate’s iTouch. You know what else is super special about this Music Musing? I’m going to give you a glimpse at a scene. What scene? One of my recent reviewer’s favorite scenes–the New Year’s/ Christmas party for the Marks Tribe. Let me tell you, it’s a pretty awesome scene. In fact this is how I described it when I was editing the scene recently for the second edition of InBS:

Could Hunter get an more attractive?

A suit, a tie, a guitar and a voice like Adam Levine’s–I’d say hell yes.

So, let’s get to the scene, and oh yeah, I’m going to tell you the song(s) that inspired it! Now as you read it you can imagine Hunter singing it! Please, ladies, napkins! (Oh, and I am going to stop the scene right where it gets awesome, so you will have to pick the book up!)

This is Hunter’s guitar–the guitar that my husband sold when we first married so that we could pay our rent…It’s a Jackson Soloist.

“Anxious much?” Mara commented, watching me pace in front of the door.

“So when is it time to go down?” I asked.

“You haven’t seen Hunter for three hours and you’re already having a panic attack?” Mara retorted as she blew a piece of her straightened hair out of her face.

“It’s a good thing you did this up-do hair style. Otherwise I’d be yanking my hair out at this point. I just don’t like surprises—they’re never good.”

Mara stood and took my hands in hers, “I promise you this is a good surprise.”

“Fine…can we just go down now?”I begged, clenching my jaw.

“Actually,” Mara began, and I went straight to the door, “Slow down killer; you fell down these stairs without heels on.”

“Fine,” I said as I slowed and took each step with care. I knew she was right, and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise with me ending up on my face again.

Mara laughed, “You’re going to love this.”

“So you do know?” I accused, turning and facing her as we reached the front door.

“You said it—I’m a good liar,” she smirked as she reached past me and opened the door. I wanted to smack her and hug her all at the same time. My insides were doing a complete dance as I turned and looked in the door.

“Holy,” was the only thing I could manage as I stared at the transformed common room. It was dimly lit by sapphire blue lights and white paper lanterns hung from the ceiling for ambiance. The room practically glowed and although the room was crowded I found Hunter quickly. He was standing on a stage that was set up in front of the flat screen TV, which was pulsing with soft blue lights. The gentle strobe only added to the dreamlike trance I felt I had entered. After a moment I managed to speak, “What’s he doing?”

“You don’t have to whisper Kate,” Mara replied as I grabbed her arm.

Hunter’s eyes met mine, and he strummed the guitar once, a smile spreading across his face. I just about melted into a pool of water on the floor.

“God,” I stammered.

“You want your tongue back?” Mara teased, and all I could do was shake my head.

Hunter was wearing a black suit with a skinny navy tie and white dress shirt. It only served to enhance his broad shoulders and small waist.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked over my shoulder, not taking my eyes off of him as he began to sing my favorite song. The sea of people began to move to the music, but I was still standing in the same spot, gripping Mara’s arm white.

Mara stepped in front of me and started swaying her hips, “Only to me—now dance.”

My body had finally stirred, and I started to naturally swing my hips to the beat of the music, “I can’t believe he was hiding that voice from me. I had no clue he could play the guitar, or that there were instruments here!”

“They get bored too. I guess that’s how they sometimes pass the time—the band room is right next to the gym downstairs,” Mara explained with a quick wink as she twirled in front of me.

“I’ve never even been downstairs,” I replied half-hearted. I didn’t really care as my eyes locked on Hunter. He was shaking his head at me with a wide smile on his face, and in that moment everything disappeared. The fear that was creeping into me each night since my injury was gone. It was just Hunter and I, and our friends Mara and Rob. It all felt normal at that moment.

Hunter sang the words to the song pointing at me with one eyebrow raised. His eyes teased me as much as the words, and I couldn’t help but smile.

“This is amazing.” I murmured.

“Don’t tell me, tell him,” Mara instructed, stepping aside as the song ended. I watched as Hunter handed his guitar to Rob, who was playing bass, and jumped off the stage towards me.

“Happy Birthday, darling,” Hunter pulled me into a hug.

I pulled back smacking him on his shoulder, “You just killed it.”

“Awe,” his hands fell to my hips, “I’ll just have to serenade you some more.”

“Mhmm…” I played with the lapel of his suit, “You might have to make up for it that way.”

“You look amazing,” Hunter commented as his eyes glided down my body and back up to my eyes.

“I could say the same for you,” I replied with a blush.

He rubbed his permanent five o’clock shadow, “Shabby chic.”

I reached up, loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt a few spaces.

“Oh, save that for later,” Hunter teased, biting his lip.

“Now you’re shabby chic,” I commented as I rolled my eyes.

“I know my ego—it’s just so big,” I shook my head with a smile, and he looked like he wanted to kiss me, “So what do you want me to play next, birthday girl?”

“How did you know that was my favorite song?”

“I checked the playlist on the iTouch. You play that song a lot,” he ran his hand through one of my curls, “and it just happens to work very well with my voice.”

“You should know what my next favorite song is then.”

“Same band, works for me,” he replied as he unbuttoned the suit jacket and turned back to the stage.

When I looked up Mara was passing Hunter as she left the stage.

“You look like you have an evil plan,” Mara observed, tilting her head.

“Let’s make our men drool,” I replied, my hands on my hips, and my eyes locked on Hunters as he pulled the guitar strap over his shoulder.

“Best Christmas party ever,” Mara commented as Hunter began to sing, and I began to sway my hips.

Hunter smirked tossing the microphone stand from one hand to the other and tapping his foot to the beat. I felt Mara slip past me and watched as she swayed her hips all the way up to the stage where she went to dance next to Rob. She raised her eyebrows at me, but I still wasn’t as bold as she was. Hunter pulled the microphone from the stand, slinging the guitar behind his back and jumped off stage in time with the beat. He sauntered up to me singing, and I grabbed his tie pulling him into me.

“Clever,” I whispered into his ear. He continued to sing, his eyes speaking for him as I danced closely to him as I ran my hands over his shoulders. The song ended and the room exploded with clapping.

“Let’s slow this down a bit,” Rob suggested into the microphone as he nodded at Hunter and me.

“I’ll be right back,” Hunter told me as the music began to play and Rob started to sing. Hunter put the microphone back on the stand and leaned his guitar against the wall before coming back to me and pulling me into his arms.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked as his breath caressed the bare skin of my shoulders.

“I’m having the time of my life, but what will your father think?” I asked as I leaned my head on his shoulder.

“What will he think? I can already see it on his face.”

I pulled back and looked into his face, but his eyes were bright and left me breathless as they contrasted against the sapphire lighting, “What’s he thinking?”

“That my cock has completely overridden my brain,” he brushed a curl away from my face, “but he’s wrong. It’s my heart that has taken over.”

“You have one of those?” I teased, trying to remind myself how to breathe, but it didn’t seem to be working. I couldn’t believe that Mara could be right. I couldn’t let myself give into that.


So, the song that Hunter begins playing when Kate walks into the room is:

Misery-Maroon 5

I know, right?

The second song that Hunter sings to Kate is:

If I never See Your Face Again-Maroon 5


Lastly, the song that Rob sings:

Stop and Stare-OneRepublic

This song held particular meaning for me as I wrote this scene. This scene begins the catalyst for what is coming, and it resounds with me even now as I type and listen to it. The other songs were fun, but when I began the serious part of the scene this felt perfect in so many ways. It’s perfect for what is happening to Kate and Hunter, and although my readers don’t yet know this, it’s just as much Mara and Rob’s song as it is Kate and Hunter’s. When you read the lyrics (if you read InBS, if not well, you just should 😉 ) you will see why it was so perfect–even the way it came to me was amazing. In some sort of grace, as I sat and wondered what Rob’s voice sounded like, and what slow song he would sing this was the song that started playing on my iPhone.

This town is colder now, I think it’s sick of us
It’s time to make our move, I’m shakin off the rust
I’ve got my heart set on anywhere but here
I’m staring down myself, counting up the years
Steady hands, just take the wheel…
And every glance is killing me
Time to make one last appeal… for the life I lead

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I’ve become what I can’t be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you’re ‘here’ not there
And you’d give anything to get what’s fair
But fair ain’t what you really need
Oh, can u see what I see

They’re tryin to come back, all my senses push
Un-tie the weight bags, I never thought I could…
Steady feet, don’t fail me now
Gonna run till you can’t walk
But something pulls my focus out
And I’m standing down…

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I’ve become what I can’t be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you’re here not there
And you’d give anything to get what’s fair
But fair ain’t what you really need
Oh, you don’t need

What u need, what u need…

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I’ve become what I can’t be
Oh, do u see what I see…


2 thoughts on “MM on M–Kate’s iTouch Edition

  1. Maroon 5 and OneRepublic? Yum! Awesome music. 😉 Stop and Stare I’ve actually had on my phone for ages. Such a great song. You’re right, the lyrics really do fit the scene and the characters. Lol, it was fate it came to you that way! Awesome post Cassie, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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