You did what???

Everyone seems to be talking about book swag…I had no clue what they were talking about, so I used my handy-dandy Google machine:
Okay, well, I got some strange things. Swag seems to be an acronym of some sort. Like Stuff We All Get.

What I managed to somehow figure out is that book swag is merchandise that supports the novel. It ranges from tees to strange things like shoe inserts. Some authors have gone with themes that go with their novels, usually these are fantasy or dystopian writers with very complex worlds. This works for them, me not so much.

So I thought tees, and then I looked at some, and they were well, lame. I didn’t want to just plaster my book cover on a tee. I wouldn’t wear it, so why would I sell it, or give it away? Well, you might be thinking swag, that usually has to do with giveaways, but honestly tees are expensive any way you shake it, especially nice ones. So I thought, well, I can design them, and buy a few, very few at this price. I’ll give them as gifts and sport it when I go to car shows. AND now you can sport it to, if you want. I’ll also be adding some other awesome, more cost-effective things like iPhone covers, stickers, magnets, notebooks etc. The smaller things will become a part of my giveaways.

So, back to the lameness factor. I am a BIG graphic tee gal. I love tees with pretty pictures, and scroll print. Well, I take pretty pictures (if I do say so myself), my cover is a pretty picture. I love the sweet sayings on them, oh, well, I have some pretty sweet sayings. And then there’s my marketing guru inside, designing things that are, well, pretty!

Graphic tee= pretty picture

Cover=pretty picture

Graphic tee=sweet sayings

Writer (me!)=sweet sayings

SO, all in all pretty pictures, sweet sayings, and marketing guru=

What do you think? There’s only one because it took me a bit to figure out this whole tee creation thing out, but more to come soon! I promise! (UPDATE: As you can see there is more, a black version, and an iPhone/iTouch case!) You can also now see the “Book Merchandise” on my sidebar, click it and it links you to my Red Bubble store!

What’s the best part about Red Bubble?

YOU get to choose what style you want–YOU get to choose your color–YOU can even get a hoodie!

Oh, and I designed posters, and ordered some as giveaway swag…Take  a peak at these in all their awesomeness:


2 thoughts on “You did what???

  1. Love the t-shirt! It has SOOO much wow factor (and cool factor!) I like the block of text you chose for it, as well. I also love love the phrase “Feed the deadly obsession.” Not saying you should work it into the t-shirt (except maybe across the back?- NOT part of the picture), but it would make a cool bookmark.

    • Aww thanks! I’m super excites to order mine! I’m going to work on a few more designs, which will definitely have “feed the deadly obsession on them. I was going to do it on the back, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet! 🙂

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