A skim read

Sovereign Hope (The Hope Series #1)Sovereign Hope by Frankie Rose

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First, I’d like to commend the author’s book trailer for this novel. It is 5 star awesome!! Second, I do love the cover. It’s simple and elegant. It also portrays Farley as I see her. As for the book, I was excited when I saw it was $.99 on Amazon because the book blurb and cover had pulled me in, so I purchased it, but didn’t have time to read it until this week. It was, for the most part, a book that I struggled to finish. The story line was interesting enough, but the 3rd person POV left huge gaps in events and was jarring at many points because it didn’t flow for me. I respect any author who tries to write in 3rd person, but as a reader it really disengaged me from the characters. The characters of this book were well, a bit whiny–especially Farley. She just wouldn’t shut up. At times her lengthy inner monologue made me feel as if the book was written in 1st person. The small amount of times that the book concentrated on Daniel were a reprieve for me. He was much less whiny, and his thoughts often had reason to them. Overall, no matter who the focus was on there was a lot of narration and description. It often distracted me from the action of the novel, and I found myself skimming over most of it. The style reminded me of how I felt when I read Lauren Kate’s Fallen novels. I liked the story line enough that I would read the next book, but I could never finish the series because of it. The dialogue was well written, there just needed to be more of it.I never really got attached to the characters because as soon as the dialogue started to let me understand them I was thrown back into the narrative. It was a quick read for me, but then again, I did skim through a lot of the narrative and repetitive description. If someone were bent on killing me I wouldn’t care about the shape or size of the room.

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