The Pictures of Walking in the Shadows

As many of you already know, I am not just a writer, but also a photographer. If you didn’t already know this you can look at my Photography page and get a few peaks at some car features and some extra photos from In Between Seasons. I’ve been editing Walking for a majority of the day and needed a little break. I cleaned the house and then sat down to edit some more, and found myself thinking about the trailer, and the pictures I NEED next weekend to complete the set. I thought I would let the readers get a sneak peak at some of the photography for Walking.  I am also thinking about doing another sneak peak scene from the novel, but I am not sure…what do you think? Do you need something more to tide you over until October??

Here are some pictures to get the setting for the novel into your mind: Dark, Beautiful & Mysterious!

(Yes, that’s me)

(I’ve decided I cursed the car by taking a picture of it in a graveyard. GTI RIP August 9, 2012)

(Softest petals against the skin that never ages, and never thins. Cracks of time, lichen of life, angel wings take flight)


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