It’s Finally Here–Walking in the Shadows Cover Reveal!

It’s been a very long day. I was up at 3:30 this morning when my husband called me on his way to work because his car’s transmission mysteriously decided that it no longer wanted to shift past 3rd gear. I’ve been up since and had to work late tonight. It’s been a long day, and it’s coming to a great ending. I can’t wait to see what every one thinks of the cover, and the sneak peak into the Epilogue of the novel, which is the inspiration for the cover. My husband and I hit three different graveyards to find this beauty. The photo-shoot where I met my husband, also involved two of these three grave yards. I met my husband on a photo-shoot and marketing for his band (In Between Seasons–yes, the title of my first novel). At any rate, I convinced him to go on a graveyard hop again to find the angel. I think she works perfectly. Please enjoy and leave your comments here, on my GoodReads profile and “like” the post if you like it!


I let my hands follow the intricacies of the hardened wings until I came to face it. I pressed my forehead to the cool stone, and as the wind swept my hair around my face I caught a familiar scent. It was clean soap and laundry that reminded me of my father.    He had never been partial to cologne, but he had always smelled so good, like home.  There was a stirring of warmth to my right, and it felt as though he was there beside me. I closed my eyes at the thought before taking a deep breath and glancing over my shoulder to see that Tad had joined me. It was at that moment that I recalled what I had been thinking the day I met him as I pretended to read Chaucer. I had been wondering how I could survive in the world without the two people I loved the most. I hadn’t understood or seen it then, but they had given me my answer. They had never left and never would. The love between a parent and a child transcends time, age and even the strongest separation of all, death. It never ceases to end. I wasn’t lost—I was found. I smiled at Tad and looked back over at the angel’s face.  This time I let my fingers trace the details of the face I knew so well. The details were different now, hardened with rock, etched with lichen, but it was still her sweet likeness, forever glowing. In place of the unseeing marble orbs I imagined her perfect chocolate eyes, and I felt at peace.  I sighed as Tad’s hand reached over to cover mine as I cupped her cheek in my palm.

“The only imperfection is time.” I finally said.

“She looks like you.” Tad replied as he wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head in the crook of my shoulder.

“That’s because she’s my mother.”

“Hi, Mom,” Tad’s voice drifted over the wind as it stirred my hair again, and my father’s scent washed over me once more.  Tears pricked at my eyes, for Tad had said exactly what I needed to hear.

“I think my dad is here too.”

“Of course he is. He never left.” Tad’s whisper tickled my neck.

I closed my eyes and drank in the love I had been missing, but had never left.

Copyright Cassandra Giovanni, 2012

All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here–Walking in the Shadows Cover Reveal!

  1. Cassie, the cover is awesome! And appropriate. But what astonishes me is your sneak-peek at Walking in the Shadows. In Between Seasons is a great book, but your writing here is so much more artistic and finely-crafted. I’m wondering if you wrote In Between Seasons several years ago and Walking in the Shadows (obviously) fairly recently. To say you’ve come into your own as a writer doesn’t even do it justice. You have truly blossomed as a fiction writer!

  2. I really took myself into Walking. I can say that I wrote that Epilogue this month–during a thunderstorm. I woke up and could not sleep–I snuck out of bed, grabbed the iphone and started typing. I began Walking before In Between Seasons, but it’s really me and my writing style. This last edit I just had that feeling–this IS it. I love In Between Seasons because it made me brave enough to put myself out there, but Walking is really me. In Between Seasons had outside influences from one of those “edit yourself into print” novels–I learned I needed to trust the instinct I was born with and just write. It takes a lot as a writer to really expose you and your characters feelings–I’m sure you understand. Walking is a very emotional novel with a lot of fear, anger and guilt, but above all I want it to leave the reader feeling hope.
    I am super flattered with the comments you made. I just had to take a deep breath and say yeah, I wrote that!

  3. I was going to say too, this excerpt is definitely more fine tuned than InBS and has a lot more feeling & detail woven in. & Of course I love that you chose this angle for the cover. Despite being bright red, your name is getting a little lost near the “C” and all the swirliness of it. You may want to consider a slight shadow there but other than that, looking good & excited to read this one 😀

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