Two days left!

I’m excited to say there is only two days left until the cover reveal. Beginning here on my blog at 10 PM on Friday, yes this Friday, the cover will be updated. I will then update my website and finally Goodreads. Also being released with the cover is the scene that inspired the cover. It’s the epilogue for the book.
In other exciting news I finished reading for edits on the novel. Now I just have to update the Word file and send it to my betas/editors for a finally cleaning. However,  knowing me, it will get another edit by me before it reaches the shelves. I edited the novel by using my document reader on my Kindle Fire,  and I think it’s one of the best ways to edit. I found that seeing the book in a different format (one that I hadn’t reviewed hundreds, if not thousands of times) really helped me to see typos,  missing commas and punctuation. It also helped me see were I needed to add more narrative.
Overall,  the ending of the novel is something I am very proud of. The epilogue is also pretty good.
I have a release date,  but this won’t be announced until the trailer release! Keep reading to get updates.
I hope to see you on my blog Friday!!!


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