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I’ve said time and time again my biggest inspiration is music. As I edit Walking in the Shadows this couldn’t be more true. Music is something that keeps me grounded, and it keeps my creative juices flowing. Some people have to write in complete silence, this is not true of me at all. The only thing with music is that sometimes when I am editing it starts to fire off the creative signals in the other parts of my brain and makes me want to write and not edit. It did this to me today. I fully intended to work on editing the last 30% of Walking, so I could get it to my father and my mentor for review. (On a side note I’ve discovered the best way to edit a novel is to put it in a different format than word. I sent the file to my Kindle, and I am reading it on there. It really helped me spot errors that I believe I wouldn’t have in word. That’s for another post though!). I was able to complete the scene for the cover reveal and send that to my father for proofing, but I didn’t manage to turn the Kindle on because I found myself opening the word file for Let the Fates Decide. I wrote the final scene the breaks the straws of reality for Meena. There is several cases were she changes people’s futures when she shouldn’t have. I had to think of one that would change everything though, one that would give her absolutely no choice, no matter what the consequences were. I found the scene as I drove to work on Saturday. It came to me out of no where when I was listening to, of all things, Justin Timberlake. That is certainly not something that has ever inspired anything creative in me, besides dancing, of course. It somehow did though, but when I got to work, everything was so hectic that the thoughts flew out of my brain instantly. Today they came back as I listened to my favorite Pandora radio station–Underoath. It’s the station that I like the most because I have listened to it the most, so it knows better than any of the other stations what I like. It hardly plays something that I don’t like. It’s what I am listening to as I write this post. (Embrosa–What’s A Clock Without Batteries?) I am very happy that the thoughts were able to ruminate in my brain and come back to me. I find that often when I don’t write a scene the second I begin to see it, I can’t see it that same perfect way ever again. This time I don’t feel this way. Meena has become a total bad @@@ in the scene. She swears (something my characters never do!) and practically trades her 30,000 + Audi for a Kawasaki dirt bike to save this persons life. You are probably running over the people in your mind that you would trade a luxury vehicle for a piece of junk dirt bike to save. I’m not going to tell you who it is though. I can say this much, by saving his life she saves her own, and the life of another person that she loves dearly. In the end the question will be, can the Fates forgive her for this interference and understand the human nature that drives Meena–or are they really as soulless as they seem?

Aww, the sweet inspiration of music. So here is the soundtrack to what I have been listening to for Walking in the Shadows and which also works for Let the Fates Decide because I have been multitasking and working on both at the same time:

Notes in Constellations- Chiodos (HUGE inspiration to WALKING)

So Contagious–Acceptance

Want to– The Almost

Stay Small–The Receiving End of Sirens (Specifically this is for WALKING)

High Life– In Fear and Fate


The Alarming Sound of a very Small Voice- Saosin (WALKING)


Atlantic–Thrice (FATES)

Like Moths to a Fame–Thrice


The Alpeh–Destroy the Runner

It’s Safe to Say You Dig the Backseat–Dance Gavin Dance


What inspires you?





2 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration

  1. It’s always interesting to hear what inspires writers. For me, music is too distracting. My best ideas pop into my mind while I’m in the shower, which, with three kids and a job, is sometimes the only alone time I have! I suspect that’s true for many people.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of people that need complete silence, but I am always on overdrive at work managing employees and helping customers that I doubt much distracts me. Music instantly relaxes me, so I think that is why it helps me write.

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