Editing Walking in the Shadows

It’s getting close to that time; the time when Walking in the Shadows reaches the hands of my readers. I am very excited to release my next novel, and I am already enjoying promoting the novel. As a part of promoting the novel I am actively showing my editing process to my readers through http://www.Goodreads.com. This is an excellent website for readers and writers alike to connect and share the love of literature.

You can friend me or look at my author profile to review my updates on the editing process. I am explaining what I am doing (combining chapters, deleting chapters) along with what is going on in the book, and great quotes that have cropped up in that reading session.

All you need to do is scroll down past my blog, books, and to where it says “Cassandra is currently reading” and click on Walking in the Shadows.

Or you can do directly to the book page to see my progress:




I hope you enjoy getting a peak at the editing process. I will be announcing the cover of the book soon, so keep on reading!





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