The soul of this book is its writing.

A Collection of SoulsA Collection of Souls by Jessica Marie Gilliland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was a solid 4 stars for me. I really enjoy Jessica Gilliland’s realistic character voice. This allows you to truly connect with the character, whether or not you like them. Her dialogue, both inner and conversational, are both very down to earth. This lends a nice flow to the novel as it progresses.
Another part of the novel as I whole that I enjoyed was Gilliland’s classy way of introducing the intimacy of the characters. She concentrates on the emotions of the situation instead of the physical aspect, and the balance is perfect. It doesn’t leave you wanting more information on the intimacy, and it doesn’t leave you cringing because it was too much information.
I found the main character, Alyssa to be a bit annoying and whiny at times. She went through a tumult of emotions ranging from lust, to what she thought was love, but obviously wasn’t, to pure evil and guilt. The character seems naive to me, and constantly plays the victim card without doing anything to change her circumstances. Guess what though? She finally gets some brains at the end of the novel and does what is right. The other characters in the book are also lovable and hate-able at the same time. Beau is painted as handsome, evil and a giant arrogant jerk. It works perfectly for his position in the world. The beginning of the book puts you right in the midst of the action, but it slows back down about 40% through and stays slow until about the last 30%. At that point it picks up and gets a bit confusing because it speeds to the ending.
The main character again, goes into insta-love with the angel Seth. There isn’t much build up of their relationship, so when she ends up thinking she would sacrifice herself for him–Well, I didn’t really think that was plausible. In the end, it ends up not having to do with Seth, but instead with the realization that what she has done is wrong.
Overall, the book for the most part, had me turning the pages in quick succession. What really kept me reading was the author’s realistic writing. This drew me in more than the actual story line.

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