Walking in the Shadows Preview

Here is chapter one of my newest novel, Walking in the Shadows. This is a YA thriller romance novel, does this first chapter peak your interest? Let me know!


I hadn’t always been like this, a shadow person always on the edge of my lies. It was a matter of circumstance more than anything—a circumstance that I had avoided telling him. When I walked into the classroom I avoided his eyes and shuffled to take a seat as far away from his livid glare as possible.

“Good morning class. My name is Mr. Knightley,” He said, but of course I already knew that. He made me happy and undeniably flighty, so flighty that I had congratulated him on his acceptance of his dream job at the local high school. It was the high school that I was now sitting in as a student. I looked up into the eyes of the man I was utterly in love with and beseeched him to understand. His aquamarine eyes were dark with condemnation and fury, yet his voice portrayed none of the emotions as he continued, “Let’s start by going around the room and introducing ourselves. Say your name and one thing about yourself that is of interest as well as your favorite book.” He instructed as he swallowed and looked away from me. He nodded at the girl in the front row.

She smiled sugar sweet and I swore I tasted bile in my throat as she spoke, “Why don’t you begin Mr. Knightley?”

“Well, you now know my name. I just recently graduated Amherst College and here I am teaching for my first year at Amherst high school.” He answered and I could hear the anger in his voice, so I knew he was staring at me even though I was looking at my notebook. “My favorite novel is The Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchanan.” He finished.

Almost every girl said their favorite book was some novel from The Crimson Reign saga; a craze I thought would never end. I would not be one of them, for I had never picked up one of those books and now never could—another matter of circumstance. The girl in front of me turned with a sneaky smile on her face. “Your turn newbie.”

I looked up at him and his eyes were distant because he already knew all my answers. I opened my mouth to speak, but shut it. I felt paralyzed and I looked like a complete idiot. I didn’t care what they thought of me, but what he thought meant the world, and I had no idea what he was thinking now.

“My name is Vera. I fear there is nothing of interest about me,” I replied and I saw a faint smile tinge at his lips. I could tell he was remembering when I had said that to him, but still I continued, “Emma by Jane Austen is my favorite novel.”

The smile quickly faded and his eyes met mine again, more acidic than before. I looked away in agony—an agony I had not felt since the day my parents had been murdered.


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