YA Thriller Novel Date Announced!

It’s been awhile since I posted something other than a review. So here is what I have been doing besides reading up a storm–editing up a storm. Right now Walking in the Shadows has had its first round of edits done, now it’s in the hand of one of my beta-readers, and is going to my father for severe editing. My father is an English tutor, and an amazingly honest editor. He’s my harshest critic and my best. I hope he likes it, and I hope you will too, in OCTOBER! Yes, I have decided that the book will be ready for publishing in October of this year. I’ve been working hard on the cover, and it’s almost done. I will reveal it a bit closer to the release date, but for now I hope you like this photograph–one that was cut as a runner for the title, but I still loved. It’s courtesy of my lovely husband, who was nice enough to take orders from me for a whole day. The reason why he was the photographer for this particular set, well, that’s me in the photo!

What else have I been doing? I’ve been working on Let the Fates Decide, and it’s still in what I guess could be called the sporadic writing phase. I am getting inspiration and writing scenes for different parts of the book, in no particular order. This book is far more graphic than my other novels (with the exception of The Sight Series) and touches on some very emotional scenes. Yesterday, after watching a car accident being cleared away in my rear view mirror, I had this awful feeling in my stomach as I prayed that those involved were okay. Then I saw it in my mind, Meena (the main character of the novel) running towards the accident because she had a choice when she saw her vision, and she made it. The accident still happened and I wrote about the vision, her decision, and the aftermath. This is why it is graphic, when Meena sees something she sees it twice as clearly before it happens, and in extreme detail. Today, I wrote about her conversation with her boyfriend (the catalyst to her disastrous visions) where he speaks about his guilt and she reassures him she wouldn’t change anything. It touches on the fact that some events are scarring and awful, but they make us who we are and by changing them, we change who we are. Somethings that are awful can lead to the most wonderful moments in our lives.

I hope you’re interested in both Walking in the Shadows and Let the Fates Decide. Let your comments show me what you think 😉


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