Thank you with a limited time offer!

I would like to thank the 772 people who entered my goodreads giveaway! Congratulations to the two winners! The books will be shipped out tomorrow with delivery confirmation. If you are a winner please feel free to contact me via my website contact form at for your tracking number. I hope you enjoy the novel!
For those who didn’t win there are two purchasing options for the paperback both listed at $9.99:
1)You may order from Amazon and qualify for free shipping here:
2)However, I will be running a limited time offer were if you purchase the novel directly from the printing company I will mail you a signed book mark. All you have to do is order the book here:

And then contact me via my website using the contact us form on the home page with your address.

If you prefer to order the novel on your favorite e-reader you also have two options both listed at $5.99:
2)Barnes & Noble

I hope you enjoy my novel and thank you again for your interest!


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