Notes in Constellations

So I just wrote this nice huge post, and well, my Mozilla crashed and wiped the slate clean…so I am starting fresh.

Today I was speaking to another author today about music, and I explained how much it inspires me. I even have a soundtrack to InBs on the novel’s page. There always seems to be one song that inspires me to start writing. It speaks to me and some how pulls the words out from my soul into my fingers and my keyboard. For InBS it was “Crisis” by Alexisonfire, but this song was more of a inspiration to continue on. The main inspiration for InBS was a dream I had, which is very cliche for a writer to say, but it’s the truth. The dream was triggered by driving by an abandoned house marred with red spray paint “WAR”, the cover for the novel. “Crisis” helped me to keep pushing when I felt like InBS would never be read, the song played at the right times, when I was doubting myself the most.

If you have viewed the soundtrack to InBS you can guess that I mostly listen to christian metal, electronica, and dubstep, but I also listen to classical music when writing. I do like other genre’s of music, but more specifically certain artists. I love Sting and the Police, The Cars, Steve Miller Band, the Beatles, Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake. I do not listen to these musicians when I am writing with the exception of Maroon 5.

“Notes in Constellations” by Chiodos is what is driving me now as I begin to work on Let The Fates Decide. I knew when it heard me that it would drive me to either write something new or to continue something I had already started. It let me back to Let The Fates Decide. This song haunts me. The song is soft, yet probing, there is screaming, but just the perfect amount. The flow of guitar and the crash of the symbols against the words is intense in all the right spots, then there’s that pause towards the end of the song where synthesizer really kicks in. That pause is perfection. It’s placed in just the exact place it’s needed to add intensity to the song that it would lack without it.

That’s what I want my books to be–perfection in the silence, and perfection in the noise. Perfection is impossible as a writer, as not everyone will love your novel, but as long as one person gets that feeling then I’ve done what I was supposed to. I’ve made you stop and think. That’s the whole point, I’ve made you pause, take a breath and feel–really feel.


2 thoughts on “Notes in Constellations

  1. What an excellent post. You crystallize the relationship I feel to music when I am writing. You just know its right when you hear it. You also got me curious about Let the Fates Decide. I’ll have to give it a listen. You are right about classical music being good for writing as well. There’s something about it that gets the creative juices flowing. I don’t listen to it nearly enough anymore when I’m writing, and I’ll have to change that. If you get a chance, also check out Traffic’s “Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys”. I never could figure out the title, but the song is amazing, especially towards the climax. And the line “. . . but Spirit is something / That no one destroys” – don’t get me started.

  2. Interesting! I just gave it a listen…a bit too light for me, but I’m sure that’s not a surprise…The lyrics are very good! The title is very strange! I should say my husband (who is a musician) classifies Chiodos as more or an emo band than a metalcore band, and of course he’s right (what’s new?)–ah, well I like it!

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