After the “Much Ado About Nothing” post I began writing/editing Walking In The Shadows again. I got to about page 40, and I still plan on finishing that, but now I am multitasking because today while driving into work I was hit with inspiration for a novel I didn’t even mention on the post. It’s a novel that I began about a year ago before InBS, but when InBS struck it was all consuming, so that novel was set aside. Now it’s begging to come out. Right now it’s called Let the Fate’s Decide, as with all things in writing, this may change before I am done with it. It’s another young adult novel, but it’s aimed at the collegiate age group and this one, well, it’s got a hint of fantasy to it. 😉

It’s based on the story of a young woman who is a doctor and has an uncanny talent–she sees the future. She see’s this gift as a curse, for she can never change the fate of any of her patients. Still she tries, and at times the depression of failure is over whelming. That is until she changes someone’s future by accident. What made him listen? She doesn’t know, but she’s changed the course of his life and her own forever. Will she be able to overcome the temptation to save others? When she can’t help but save those in danger she realizes that she should have “let the fates decide” because now they are just a little bit agitated with her…

Have I peaked your interest?


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