Much Ado About Nothing

Writer’s Block–when you’re imaginary friends won’t talk to you…

That’s what my mother says about it–but what about when they’re fighting with one another, begging, no screaming for you to finish, edit and most importantly tell their story?

I just finished reading a post by one of my favorite authors, Ellen Ekstrom about a skein of yarn and it really got me thinking. That and this depressing down pour that’s hammering against my windows and searing into my soul. I have that feeling in my stomach, that feeling that I need my iphone and my laptop and write something–but what?


The Sight–Paranormal romance

Eyes Wide Open Shut (which I can’t work on unless I finish The Sight, because it is its companion)

Walking in the Shadows–Suspense

All involve death and its deeper meaning, but each is very different, and each needs to be finished. Choices, choices, choices…there’s also a companion to InBS, but I feel that needs to develop more in my heart before I put it in writing. I know that sounds strange, but sometimes writing needs to stew to just the right point before it’s let out. InBS companion is still in the stewing state…

Decisions, decisions, decisions…much ado about nothing…

Oh, and here’s the newspaper, 2nd page!:


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