Let The Fates Decide

New Adult Paranormal Romance


Novel Teaser:

I used to believe our fates were unmovable, solid, but now I’m not so sure. Everything around me is shifting, including the future, and I’m the one changing it. When I told Parker what would happen to him in five minutes, I had no clue that he would listen. I had no clue that I had the power to change what I saw. Now that I’ve done that, guilt overwhelms me, how many lives could I have saved? There’s only one thing that softens that pain, Parker. As if being a freak that sees the future wasn’t enough, now I have three destructively beautiful women haunting my every move–taunting me to test them more; warning me to stop messing with Fate, and showing me that they have the power to rip everything away from me. But how can I stop when I know who dies and that for the first time in my life, I have the power to save them? If I don’t, I’ll lose it all, and if I do I’ll lose him…by choice.


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