Finding Perfection (Beautifully Flawed, #5)

Finding Perfection Perfection


The much awaited conclusion to the Beautifully Flawed Series.

I’m lost. Barely breathing. Then his touch brings me back to life, but can we forgive one another for breaking perfection?

Three years ago River walked away from the only man she ever loved. She left him an empty shell, shattered by a tragedy that broke them both. Now she’s living but barely breathing. Everyday she becomes less and less whole, consumed by guilt and pain. She lives with each agonizing breath, but her heart’s not beating. She pretends she’s happy. She smiles on cue. She even pretends to fall in love, and just when she’s about to say yes-to give into living a lie forever, there Adam appears.
River can’t run any longer, and Adam won’t let her this time.
Adam will show River that perfection is flawed. It’s jagged pieces of the things we want to be. It’s faded– broken , and if we try hard enough, we can put it all together to find our own version of perfection.

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